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COVID-19 Update: Fortnightly

Dear friends and neighbors,

COVID-19 continues to cause uncertainty across our community and is impacting so many of the events we have enjoyed previously. Because health and safety is the top priority for everyone, we feel it is the right decision to cancel Fortnightly dance classes for the fall of 2020. We know this will be disappointing to many 6th grade children who were to experience Fortnightly for the first time, as well as those 7th graders coming back for another fun year of dance instruction.

We hope to bring back dance classes again in the fall of 2021, so that we can continue this cherished tradition and fundraiser which gives back to Evanston youth. In the meantime, we are thinking of other opportunities to connect our community. Stay tuned…

Thank you for your continued support of North End Mothers’ Club! 

Pam Swales,

NEMC President



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