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The major fundraiser of Women for Evanston Youth is the Fortnightly Dance class held for Evanston middle school students.  One hundred percent of the proceeds from Fortnightly flow directly into our philanthropic fund.

Women for Evanston Youth, formerly North End Mothers' Club, is proud to continue the tradition of Fortnightly dance classes. For 104 years, Fortnightly had been offered in a formal dance format. Last year, we piloted a less formal format and changed the venue to the Levy Center and we are excited to continue with this fresh new take for fall 2023.


This chaperoned event will be held in fall 2023 over a series of Friday evenings. Registration is available to all Evanston 6th and 7th graders. 

Fortnightly is a FUNDRAISER for our community

Women for Evanston Youth donates all proceeds from Fortnightly to Evanston youth and community organizations through an annual grant-making process. Your child can learn a new skill and you can feel great about contributing to the community!

Who attends Fortnightly?

The program is open to all 6th and 7th graders within the Evanston community. Dance experience is not needed. Each student will be mixed in with a vibrant group of middle schoolers from across Evanston. Fortnightly is intended to bring youth from all areas of Evanston together.

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